About Us

UK Cloud Hosted Digital Signage

Located in the heart of docklands, our network operation centre in Telehouse and London internet exchange connected to over 278 countries we serve the UK digital signage market offering Digital signage products and video advertisement design and production template or custom add your logo and products and services captivating your audience with moving images not just the old fashion still advert.

Our Mission

SIPTO.UK digital signage display products & services.

We have innovated and created one of the UK’s first digital signage hosted cloud national and global distribution platforms in London’s Telehouse data centers providing our customers with excellent local digital signage media production and distribution services you can rely on 24/ 7  UK customer support.


We have three main methods and features of digital signage delivery and advertisement production. Servicing options from mp4 video design production to cloud control panel slide control including custom tailered themes for media server installation and management.

Video Advert Production

Your animated menu or advertisement included up-to 3 min or more of video production custom logo and any products or services you wish to advertise produced for you within 48 hours of order no delay to get the sale in today!

Cloud Control Panel

Access your menu or presentation from anywhere to any device without delay easy change the price and add the deal.

Video Wall & media servers

Hosted in London’s Telehouse Docklands rest assured you can manage all your content safe and secure and at anytime.

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